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Welcome to my new Website

Hello and welcome to my new website! Hope you enjoy the fresh new look!


  1. Bernard Paul Brown
    December 8, 2017

    Hello Morgan, I like the new website look. Your photo is great.
    If you have time, I have a question. I’ve been enjoying and studying your DVDs now for over seven years and was wondering what do you do with the rags after you’re done with them? Some artist friends got me paranoid now about the fire hazards of oil soaked rags. I don’t use turps or mineral spirits; but I do use linseed oil paints as well as linseed and walnut oils for thinner.
    Best regards,

    • Morgan Weistling
      January 14, 2018

      Well Bernie, I have a tale for you. I don’t use turps or mineral spirits of any kind because they all have fumes that over time will kill you. So I only use walnut oil for all purposes. But, it’s still oil. One summer night a few years ago, at 3am my fire alarm in the house went off. My studio was on fire and it was my trash can full of walnut oil soaked rags. Linseed, walnut, poppyseed, it doesn’ matter, they all do this. The firemen explained that when lots of oil soaked rags are piled up in a can, the weight of the rags on each other cause a reaction of heat that makes them just burst into flames. Pretty scary. The solution has been a metal can with a air tight lid. Not problems since. And I empty it more often too.

  2. Connie Lynn Reilly
    December 16, 2017

    Hi Morgan,
    The new site has a nice fresh look, however where are the other older paintings that I love perusing through and looking at?

    Love your work always.
    Such and inspiration.

    Connie Reilly

    • Morgan Weistling
      January 14, 2018

      Hi Connie, I needed to start fresh because the old site was too bogged down with errors and older work that needed to take a rest. But fear not, my book coming out in a couple months will have lots of that old work you want to see. Stay tuned….


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