Kissing The Face of God
"Kissing The Face of God"
This painting was first inspired by a song that I heard one day. Sometimes, hearing one phrase is all it takes, and then a flood of inspiration follows. The phrase “kissing the face of God” immediately struck me with this powerful image of Mary and the Baby Jesus. It is an image that we have seen depicted many times, but never simply as a mother and her child with real tenderness. I started to contemplate the awesome privilege that Mary was given, being able to hold God in her arms, but also keeping in mind that He was still her baby. This cute little child whom she bore was also God in the flesh. And yet, she cuddled and kissed Him, just as all mothers do with their babies. This thought propelled me right into this painting which I wanted to be a very human representation of divinity. My prayer is that the viewer will be struck, as I am, with the amazing way that God chose to send His Son into this world — in pure humility.

Painted a decade ago now. Once I had my models and costume in place, it took only 3 days to paint. It was the easiest and most enjoyable painting I probably ever painted. I have been a Christian for half of my life and I am thankful for the eyes I was given to see the world as the miracle that it is. Before surrenering to Christ, art was all that mattered to me. It was my god. But God got my attention by showing me that the ability that I thought was due to my hard work was actually a gift from Him and I woke up. The one who gave me this gift was also interested personally in me as well . LIfe became much bigger than my little world. I found the meaning to my life. It was so simple . The reason we are here is to love God. We were put here to love the one who created us. And as we all know, you can't force anyone to love you. As the bible fullly illustrates. Love can only exist if the possiblility of not loving exists. Otherwise it is not love. He could have created robotic creatures without free will but that would not be love. We can choose to not love the one who gave us life. But the amazing thing that always strikes me, is that he is a junkie for those moments when one of us turns and acknowledges Him and returns the love. Any parent knows this feeling when your children express their love on their own volition. It's like a drug. God craves the only thing he cannot create. That moment of returned love. So this Holiday season, as you celebrate with family, I pray you think about that love junkie that craves your attention. Ask yourself," why should I love God? What did He ever do for me that deserves my love? " Perhaps the message of Jesus and all that it entails, will have more significance to you.

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